JSC "Ventilation"

- Produces
- Develops
- Selects
- Delivers on-demand customers:
  • Filter materials and their own domestic production
    • rough air cleaning;
  • Filter materials imported
    • thin air purification;
    • high-performance air purification
  • Details of filters
  • Air filters our own production:
    • coarse filters, cellular filters, aspiration of air
    • final filters, panel filters
  • Air filters imported:
    • fine filters, filters for rectangular and circular channels
    • filters are highly efficient cleaning filters for industrial air conditioners
  • Bag filters, pocket filters, bag filters
  • Cartridges

CJSC "Ventilation" is a dealer and the exclusive representative of:

  • In the North - West region of Russia the company "Filter Factory" whole world", Podolsk - production of high quality filter materials, components, elements, filters, coarse and fine purification.
  • In Russia and Belarus, the company Tianjin TEDA Filters Co., Ltd, the Tyanzhin (China) - production of high quality filter materials.


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Ventilation (from Lat. Ventilatio airing) - this is an adjustable air indoors, which creates a favorable condition for a man of air (air composition, temperature, humidity, etc.), as well as a set of technical means to ensure this airflow.